Peaceful Human Chains (Rebroadcast)

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  • Song Name: Peaceful Human Chains (Rebroadcast)
  • Artist: Yael Ossowski
  • Year: 2013

This 19. September 2013 show was broadcast from the Sovereign Southern Studio on the Liberty Radio Network and the No Agenda Stream with special guest Frank Torres, an Orlando-based political analyst and commentator.

Frank is a bigwig in central Florida politics, and can often be found analyzing the latest political news on CF News 13 TV in Orlando. We met while I covered politics down in the Sunshine State for

For our show, we talked about the Florida political scene, what it's like to be a pundit, the (non)virtue of nationalism, independence movements, Bashar al-Assad's PR, carrying guns at Starbucks, why culture and language are important for knowledge, why people are nationalists, and much more.